Road Position Turning Left & Right

How to master turning right & left correctly on the driving test in Ireland.

Road Position Right & Left Turns: Mastering the Basics

Driving is a skill that requires precision, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of road rules. One of the fundamental aspects of driving is mastering the art of making right and left turns. In a recent video by, Sean explores  the intricacies of road positioning when making these turns in Ireland. Here's an in-depth look at the key takeaways from the video.

Key Highlights:

1. The Importance of Road Positioning:

  • Road positioning is a foundational skill that can significantly influence your success in passing the driving test in Ireland.
  • Proper positioning ensures safety and prevents common mistakes that can lead to accidents.

2. Standard Left Turn:

  • Approach: Ensure a good road position and check your mirrors.
  • Signal: Indicate your intention to turn early.
  • Common Mistake: Many drivers move towards the center line when approaching a left turn. This is unnecessary and can be dangerous, especially if another vehicle is overtaking.
  • Execution: Maintain a straight road position, check the left mirror, and turn safely into the desired road.

3. Right Turn Off the Main Road:

  • Approach: Check mirrors and signal well in advance.
  • Positioning: Stay close to the center line.
  • Tip: Imagine extending the center line of the road you're turning into across your current road. Your car's front should be roughly opposite this imaginary line before making the turn.
  • Execution: Ensure the road you're turning into is clear and safe before making the turn.

4. Turning at a T-Junction:

  • Left Turn:
    • Approach: Signal and check mirrors.
    • Positioning: Follow the curb line to the left. Ensure you're at a slight angle and not facing straight across the road.
    • Execution: Check to the right for oncoming traffic and proceed when safe.
  • Right Turn:
    • Approach: Signal and move towards the center line.
    • Positioning: Approach the junction and stop behind the line, yielding to both right and left.
    • Execution: Turn safely once the way is clear.

5. Final Thoughts:

  • While the concept of right and left turns may seem straightforward, it's essential to practice and be conscious of your positioning.
  • Proper road positioning is crucial for passing the driving test in Ireland.
  • For further queries on the driving test in Ireland, Sean encourages viewers to leave comments or reach out via email at [email protected].

6. Additional Resources:

  • offers a plethora of tips and is dubbed as Ireland's online driving school.
  • Subscribing to their channel is recommended, especially for those with an upcoming driving test, as they continually provide valuable tips.

In conclusion, mastering road positioning for right and left turns is a vital skill for every driver. It ensures safety on the road and increases the chances of passing the driving test in Ireland on the first attempt. Safe motoring to all, and best of luck with your driving endeavors!