Lost EDT Logbook!

It can happen!! You lose your EDT Logbook. How do get a replacement?

How to get a replacement EDT Logbook. It's easy, just check out the video.

Sean here your RSA Approved Driving Instructor with passfirsttime.ie Ireland's online driving school check out the website for our free downloadable course driving test secrets and you can also check out our full course which is still on special offer by the way on the website that is not going to last far too much longer so check it out if you do have a driving test coming up this video is all about losing your logbook now we did a video recently asked the instructor where one of the questions in the middle was what do i do if i lose my edt logbook and quite a few people said look that would be very handy as a standalone video so people could identify what it was and straight away figure out what to do so in a sec i'm just going to play the clip of when i googled what do i do if i lose my learner logbook and you'll be able to check it out for yourselves it's a simple enough process you just download a form and you get any details that you are missing from your driving instructor and you get it stamped by the guardian and send it back to the rsa anyway the video will have all of those details and at the tail end of this video we will also have some extra tips on your learner logbook anyway here's the video okay here we are in google search i have keyed in last edt book and the first result is last logbook rsa so i just click on this and it gives you a form okay and this form is the form that you need to fill out all right um this is the form here your driver number uh your name and current address date of birth your last edt logbook you will need that number uh iubt by the way is for a motorbike just in case some people do contact me and they say what is the ibt number if they have lost their catalog book this is for a motorbike so you don't have to worry about it in the car the replacement logbook number you will get from your driving instructor that is the new number uh the adi name the name of your instructor and your adi will give you his or her reference number the next part is to be completed by the guardi and you will get it stamped at the guard station and then you return it to the address at the bottom of the page the driver education section in ballina in county mail so that is what you do if you lose your learner logbook it is that easy you just print that off and send it off now the rsa sometimes will reply uh telling you that they have received it sometimes they don't tend to reply but the easiest way to test it is to wait a week or two and to get your instructor your instructor will know this anyway to try and upload a lesson via the new book via the new number and as long as that lesson goes through it means all is well and your new book is registered and underway so it is that easy just simply google last edt book and take it from there so that's it pretty straightforward it is not the end of the world if you lose your logbook but the best tip i suppose is to keep your logbook safe make sure that you take your logbook home with you after every lesson put it somewhere safe and when you have completed your edt lessons you put it in a drawer at home somewhere that you will find it if you ever do need it in the future until you have passed your driving tests so good luck as always to anybody who has a test coming up the tests are being ramped up all over ireland at the moment so a lot of people sitting driving tests the best of luck with your driving test and safe motoring to you from all of us here at passfirsttime.ie 

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