How Many Driving Lessons?

How many driving lessons will I need to learn to drive & prepare for my driving test?

In this video Sean discusses the number of Driving Lessons you may need.

Here is a the video transcription:

Hi everybody Sean here from, Ireland's online driving school, welcome to the video, it's been a while actually since i recorded one because we've been very very busy, but i'm going to get back into them now, so watch out for lots of videos over the coming weeks and if you haven't subscribed already i would be delighted if you did, especially if you're looking for tips on learning to drive or doing your driving test.

 Today's video is about two questions that i was asked earlier today, these are from students and the second one would be a bonus one at the end and the first question, it's probably one of the most common questions that driving instructors get asked and that is, how many lessons is it going to take me to learn to drive? 

The first big answer is it's going to take you more than 12 because a lot of people unfortunately presume that the 12 lessons is this magic wand, 12 will teach you to drive but unfortunately for the vast majority of people, there are exceptions to everything of course but for the vast majority of people it takes a lot more than the 12 lessons to learn to drive the car,how many you actually take in the end is going to vary dramatically because everybody is different it's like if you're learning to play the guitar or the piano the amount of lessons that people take varies in those as well and you definitely would not be able to play the guitar or piano after 12 lessons. 

So everyone is different but the guidelines say that you should have probably at least maybe 30 lessons and if you're driving and insured in a car then at least another maybe 20 or 30 hours of experience in a car before you're driving well and then in turn ready to do your driving test, so the amount of lessons you take will depend on how you progress yourself, it also depends by the way and here's a tip for you on how close together you take the lessons if you take the lessons close together i.e a couple of lessons a week you are going to improve faster than you if you're just taking one lesson a week now i know there's a financial cost issue there and everything but if you can take the lessons and you do have to we'll say if you had all the money put aside and you have the money, the faster you take the lessons the the quicker you will improve and after the 12 lessons you will be far better than somebody who's only taking a lesson a week or a fortnight and not able to drive in between, so there are loads of variables and everybody is completely different but if i was asked to give a guide i would say you know you're definitely looking at around 30 lessons and for a lot of people probably more lessons you know yourself when you're ready and that leads me on to the second question that we get asked, how do i know i'm ready for the driving test, how do i know i'm ready to have a go and now the answer to that is when you forget about driving that if you're going to the shop for milk in your car that you're not thinking oh i have that heavy set of traffic lights down the road that i don't like and i want to try and avoid that and i don't like the big roundabout in the middle of town so i'm going to avoid that as well because i'm still not able to do it properly as long as you're thinking about the driving and worried about the driving and your skill level is not allowing you to drive we'll say totally without help from whoever's in the passenger seat then you're not ready for a driving test but when you're able to maneuver all the roundabouts use all the traffic lights fairly comfortably and you're doing them well and you're doing them independently all by yourself with little or no help from your driving instructor or from whoever happens to be in the car if you're insured in the car you're a company driver then you are ready to apply for a driving test and then you go back to your driving instructor and your driving instructor by the way is the other port of call if you're unsure yourself your driving instructor will give you advice as to whether they feel you are ready for your driving test or not.

Now a lot of people at the moment are deciding to have a go at the driving test even though maybe their driving instructors are telling them maybe you need a few more lessons or a little bit more time, and that decision is totally yours but remember the driving test the pass rate is still just between 50 and 60 percent of first-time drivers, so the pass rate is relatively low so you want to be going in there uh the first time well prepared and make sure that you're ready and if there's any doubt about that personally i'd be advising you to hold off you know maybe postpone the test or maybe not apply too early that's another you can 10 days before the test if you you know things are not going well and you feel you're not ready you can postpone the test 10 days out and it'll cost you nothing you are just postponing it and they will give you another shed you will date the reason a lot of people i suppose are applying maybe a little early now is because of the the backlog in certain parts of the country but remember even if there is a backlog you do get a test date and you're not ready and you fail you go back into the backlog anyway so it's something that you need to think about carefully and discuss with your driving instructor to make sure that you are test ready and that you go in there that first time giving it a good shot and making a good attempt the first time rather than having to come back and do the test all over again. 

Hopefully, those two tips were informative and if you have any more questions please drop them in the comments below we will answer them over the next couple of weeks and if you do have a driving test coming up check out our online course which covers the a to z of preparing for the driving test at and if you like the content and you want more we will be producing lots more videos over the next couple of weeks you can subscribe to the youtube channel it's absolutely free it costs you nothing and even if you want to tap the bell as well you get notifications of when we make another video that's it for this video safe motoring till we see you in the next video

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