Driving Test Waiting Time 2021

Driving Test 2021? How long will you be waiting for your test? Do you have to take your first invitation to take a test within 10 Days?

How long does it take to be called for your driving test? Who will be called first? Do you have to pick a date within 10 Days?

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Hi and welcome to the video Sean here your RSA approved Driving Instructor with passfirsttime.ie Ireland's online Driving School, check out the website for more driving test tips and also our very popular online course which is half price at the moment so check out pathfirsttime.ie for more info on that, especially if you do have a test date coming up.This video really revolves around test dates and who is eligible and who will be called first and what is the waiting list like at the moment especially as things really start to open up and driving tests start to ramp up. This was recorded by the way if you're looking at this video in the future in October early October of 202. 

All driving instructors received an email from the rsa recently letting us know how the tests are being scheduled at the moment, and here is a copy of the email, now what the email tells us to start is that the number one priority at the moment is essential workers and these are people who have previously applied for a test and who are eligible to sit their test, customers who had to cancel a previous test appointment due to covid restrictions and after that they will be issuing invitations based on eligibility and application date, this means that the earlier a customer applied the sooner they will get an appointment provided they are eligible for a test.

i'm going to click this link eligible for test just to let you see what it says on the rsa website, and really what it's telling you here is that you must have your learner permit for six months at least and you must have your 12 edt lessons completed and uploaded to the rsa website.You can check your edt by logging on to my edt, you can see the the lessons there and you can check the validity of your learner permit at your my road safety account so check those and make sure they are good before you apply for a test.

 The final category here number four is if the candidates were not eligible to sit the test when they first applied.Then their position in the invitation queue is determined by the date they finished their edt lessons.

Hopefully that is fairly clear, now next on the list here is the process for booking a test. Once they reach a customer's application in the queue they will email them a booking invitation, they will have 10 days to book an appointment after this they will be removed from the invitation queue, if a customer doesn't make a booking within the 10 days of receiving an invitation they will receive a link to request to be re-added to the invitation queue form, it's a bit of a mouthful, and once this is completed they will be placed back on the invitation queue so i think the most important thing for candidates to know here is that if you get this invitation it says you have 10 days, a lot of pupils believe that they must apply for a driving test date within those 10 days, the answer is you don't as you can see here you will get that second form and you will be added to the queue again so you're just postponing your test you do not have to take that first invitation.

What's happening is pupils who are getting and taking that first invitation when maybe they shouldn't.They  are getting tested when they're not quite ready for test and this is it's not a good thing for the the candidate or for the driving school or  for the driving examiners to be honest, because the driving examiners would like for you to be at the correct standard and pass your test the first time so if you're in any doubt as to whether you're test ready or not check with your instructor and remember you do not have to take that first invitation.

Next up is fast track retests and this means that essentially if you fail your driving test you are put to the top of the queue again and you will be back up there to reset your test at the moment within six to eight weeks, when you reapply so you won't be waiting around for months for a driving tes,t now i don't know what  the waiting time is like around the country and it would be good if people put maybe ideas of the waiting times around the country, if you're a driving instructor or maybe a driving test candidate who applied for a test i'm based in Tralee and the waiting time even for normal driving test at the moment seems to have reduced dramatically to between six and eight weeks for a lot of candidates, there are more examiners naturally and they do seem to be going through the tests, this may vary and i'm sure will vary from county to county and town to town and i'm sure in the cities i'm thinking there probably still is a fairly sizable backlog but in smaller towns around the country that backlog i think is starting to ease.

Next up, is the car test waiting time estimator this is something that they're going to implement shortly on the website and this will allow the learner driver on the waiting list who are eligible to take their test to see an estimated date as to when they can expect to get their driving test  or to get the appointment invitation, now this is good because it gives you time to plan your driving lessons, time to plan how long it's going to roughly take you to get ready for your driving test with your instructor, so this will be very good when it does come into practice .

Emergency Driving Tests for critical frontline workers is the last part here and they've developed the new emergency test request form, this is important if you do come into this category, i just clicked on the form there and this is what it says in the top just in case you're looking for at the request an emergency driving test appointment and you just fill out the form and as long as you satisfy their criteria you will get called for a driving test very quickly, so there should be no great delay for you so that is the situation with driving tests waiting times, where people come in the queue at the moment, if you have any thoughts or if it's maybe changed since i recorded this or if you know any update on it please put it in the comments below and we will keep people updated and keep them informed. However the waiting times are not maybe as bad as people anticipated they would be, so hang on in there if you are waiting for a test, hopefully it will not be that much longer till you get called, if you are doing your driving test in the next couple of weeks the very best of luck with it if you would like the A to Z of the driving test check out our online course at passfirsttime.ie.

By the way thank you to everybody we've had a lot of new subscribers since the last video thanks to everybody who is subscribing if you haven't subscribed if you want more information on the driving test and lots of driving test tips subscribe to the channel and we will have lots more videos in the coming weeks, that's it for now i'll see you in the next video.

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