Don't Forget to Check This Blind Spot!

Blind spots are important areas to check when your on the road in Ireland. Here is one that a lot of drivers forget

# Blind Spots: The Hidden Dangers on the Road

Blind spots are areas around a vehicle that the driver cannot directly observe through standard observation or mirrors. One of the most overlooked blind spots is the A-pillar, which can pose significant risks to drivers, especially at junctions and roundabouts & other traffic situations. In this blog post, we'll delve deep into the dangers of the A-pillar blind spot and how to navigate them safely here in Ireland

## What is the A-pillar Blind Spot?

The A-pillar is the vertical support on either side of a car's windshield. While it provides structural integrity to the vehicle, it can also obstruct the driver's view, creating a blind spot. This blind spot can hide pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and even other vehicles from the driver's sight. You really need to watch the video above to clearly see examples of this Blind Spot.

## How to Counteract the A-pillar Blind Spot

1. **Adjust Your Position**: The width of the A-pillar varies from car to car. To get a clear view, drivers may need to move their heads or adjust their seating position.
2. **Slow Down**: When approaching junctions, slow down to give yourself more time to observe any hidden dangers.
3. **Increase Observation**: Always be vigilant and make a conscious effort to look around the A-pillar, especially at junctions and roundabouts & all relevant situations.

## Other Pillars and Their Blind Spots

Apart from the A-pillar, cars have other pillars like B, C, and even D (in larger vehicles) that can also create blind spots. These pillars can obstruct the driver's view when looking sideways or behind.

## Real-life Dangers of A-pillar Blind Spots

A video by Ashley Neal, a UK-based driving instructor, vividly demonstrates the dangers of A-pillar blind spots using drone footage. The video showcases real-life scenarios where the A-pillar can hide potential hazards from the driver's view. [Watch the video here](

## Conclusion

All Blind spots, and in this video those created by the A-pillar, can pose significant risks on the road. It's crucial for both new and experienced drivers to be aware of these blind spots and take necessary precautions. Always remember to check around the A, B, C, and D pillars while driving. Safe motoring!

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