How Much Are Driving Lessons in Ireland?

We check out the cost of Driving Lessons & give you tips on how to choose an instructor.

Welcome to tip 27 of our 30 tips in 30 days sean here from ireland's online driving school, check out the website for lots more driving test tips. Today's tip is how much do driving lessons cost in 2022 and a little bit of advice on how to pick an instructor.I  had a look around and a chat with some of my fellow instructors and I've come up with the guideline that the average price is somewhere between 30 and 50 depending on the driving school depending on the part of the country. Driving lessons in cities to seem to be a bit dearer not by much but a little and also on special deals from driving schools that's for the EDT lessons, the 12 EDT lessons. The price difference between a lot of schools is not that much so going on price alone might not be the best idea way up the difference in price look at your budget and then you you can be guided as to where you want to go yourself pre-test lessons pretty much the same kind of money really 30 to 50 euro per lesson lessons in your car tend to be cheaper by schools than lessons in the instructor's car naturally there's less expense on the instructor and there are special pre-test deals by a lot of schools so you need to do your research look around and also take into account things like the the experience of the instructor the track record the teaching style that will all be reflected in the price ask your friends ask family and do your research because relying on price alone especially if the price difference isn't going to be huge is never a great idea do your research you'll pick a school that suits you and suits your budget and that way you can move forward nicely get your lessons done and get your driving test passed check out more tips on how to pass your driving test on our online course half price until the 31st just a couple more days uh check it out the password time dot ie the best of luck with your driving test please like and subscribe if you found benefit in this video click the bell to get an update of all forthcoming videos till the next one salon for now safe motoring want to pass your driving test first time check out our pre-test driving course saving you time money and giving you the best chance of passing first time with rsa approved driving instructors short easy to follow video lessons covering all topics reverse turnabout marking sheet dual carriageway car checks bonnet checks and a whole lot more to help you pass your driving test this is your 24 7 driving instructor check it out today